Two die in fire in Torrevieja

Two men died and a man and a woman were rescued in a fire in Torreta 2, Torrevieja, at 3am on 1st January. The victims, were both approximately 50 years old and from Eastern Europe. The house was a terraced property on two levels andis believed to have been occupied illegally. As it no longer had an electricity supply it was being lit by candles and it is thought that this was the most likely cause of the fire.

The house is situated in Calle de los Pensamientos, which is close to the fish and chip restaurant. The exact cause of the fire is currently being investigated. The house itself was in poor condition and a number of miscellaneous items were being stored there. The fire began in the ground floor part of the property, which is where the two dead men were foundafter being trapped there.

The alarm was raised by neighbours at 2am and the fire was extinguished by 4.20am. When the firebrigade arrived the building was already in flames and full of smoke. The manwho was rescued was shouting for help from an upstairs balcony. Once inside the building, firefighters found the two bodieswho had presumably died through smoke inhalation although they also had burns to large parts of the body.

The two other people who were in the building, a man and a woman, were rescued. The man, who was shouting from the balcony, was admitted to Torrevieja hospital with slight injuries. The woman, who was married to one of the dead men, was able to walk from the house and was treated only for mild injuries.

The two bodies have been transferred to the medical Institute in Alicante for an autopsy.

Suzanne O’Connell