Aunty Virus

Edward via email asks:
I am currently having to deal with UK and Spanish solicitors but they are asking for documents to be signed and faxed but I live in Hondon and the nearest place that has a fax machine is 25km away and is often closed. Surely there must be a way I can turn an email into a fax and send it over my ADSL internet?
Aunty Says:
Hello Edward. Unfortunately you can’t simply send an email as a fax but I used to use to get around this. If I remember correctly they let me use it for 30 days for free and after which I simply signed up with a different email address and got another free 30 days! It amazes me how many business’ still insist on communicating via fax when they know that no one has fax machines anymore.

Arthur from San Miguel asks:
hello Aunty. With reference to James from Almoradi’s problem in the last edition, I had the same problem a little while ago and found a simple solution.  I too suffered from someone hacking into my router for seemingly very long periods of time and ‘stealing’ very large amounts of very valuable bandwidth allowance.  I solved the problem by constructing a simple device that limited the Wi-Fi receiving range of my router to less than a room length.  Any device operating outside my computer room would not receive/transmit an adequate signal.  The device I constructed was an empty cardboard toilet roll tube wrapped inside and out with aluminium kitchen foil.  This was then placed over the router’s antenna and problem solved.  Three months have now passed without a single recurrence of the problem.  I later found out that a neighbour a couple of houses away had been using my router to speak through Skype to her vast family in Madrid at my expense!!  The solution is simple and saves a lot of time having to go through the rigmarole of continually changing passwords and now no one can use my WiFi except me.
Aunty Says:
Excellent idea Arthur and thanks for the suggestion. Dragons Den maybe?

David via email asks:
I have an old Compaq laptop with Windows 7 that I want to use just for downloading music and films but I’ve heard different reports about this as it’s not safe. A lot of my friends use Kickass and Pirate Bay without any problems and I don’t mind paying for a service but which website do we choose? Do you have any thoughts on it?
Aunty Says:
Hi David. Downloading films and music is a controversial subject so I have to be careful what I say. I cannot encourage it because it can constitute copyright infringement but I can discuss some of the popular ways it is done. Pirate Bay, Kickass and ISOhunt seem to be the most popular websites for searching and locating torrents, but you will then need a program installed on your computer to collect all of these bits (torrents) of the film and then coordinate the downloading of the film. BitComet and uTorrent seem to be very common and they’re all free. Good luck and keep all of your security software up to date as it’s a minefield out there and I would strongly recommend using Google’s Chrome with the fabulous Adblock extension installed. It’s a great idea to use an old computer.

That’s all for this week, email me your problems to and I will see what I can do.