Briton detained for sexual abuse

A British man has been detained, accused of raping his two step sisters when they were under age. Officers from the National Police detained a British fugitive in Jacarilla who had a European arrest warrant for the crimes of sexual exploitation and rape. The man now faces life imprisonment at home
The 44 year old fugitive is accused of raping his two under age step sisters as many as 18 times. He started abusing girls when he was 16 and his attacks led to one of the victims having to have an abortion.

In 1973, the 16 year old accused started to sexually abuse his younger sister aged 12 years old. These sexual abuses continued for three years at regular intervals. After her abortion at the age of 15 she fled from home to live with her grandmother.
In her absence the child molester turned to his other step sister, some two or three times a week until she reached 18 when she also fell pregnant, and they now have a son in common.
The father of the arrested man hid his son’s crimes for several years until he suggested he should flee from Britain, and moved to Spain to hide. Once their father died, the victims reported their suffering and the British issued a search and arrest warrant.
After several investigations by the International Location of Fugitives Group of the National Police alerted different police squads to start their own search and the man was tracked down to his home in Jacarilla where he was arrested on 8th May.