Cheap train tickets up for grabs

Once again, national rail company RENFE is about to put 25,000 tickets for high-speed
AVE train links up for sale for just €25 each. This is a promotion it is running on the 25 th of
every month to celebrate its 25 th anniversary year. So if you miss out this month, make sure
you put next month’s sale date in your diary.
The first AVE was launched in Sevilla in 1992, and the fast connection can cover distances
such as from Valencia to Madrid – around 350 kilometres – in an hour and a half.
Cut-price tickets went go on sale at exactly one second after midnight yesterday, Monday,
25 th September, and are valid for journeys on the AVE taken between 1 st October and 30th
November to any of its destinations.
With up to 55,000 people excepted to view the offer online every minute and peaks of
1,000 tickets sold per second, RENFE has had to upgrade its server at least once to cope
with the sheer volume of potential passenger traffic during these promotions. The rail
company has had to double its band width, increase the number of servers, block intrusive
IP addresses, and reinforce information and customer service channels.
On more than one occasion, hundreds of travellers bought the same ticket at exactly the
same second, meaning RENFE had to increase the offer to 35,000 or more to accommodate
Finding the reduced-price tickets online can be a minefield when up against the clock to get
your hands on one before they are sold out, so buyers are advised to look out for the 25 th
anniversary symbol.
Anyone who misses out will be able to try again from midnight on Wednesday, 25 th