Man arrested for trying to torch a house with three children inside

A man has been arrested in the Costa Blanca town of Dolores for attempting to set the residence on fire while three minors were inside the property at the time. The suspect is said to have sprayed the ground floor of the property with gasoline. Family members called 112 and thankfully, police arrived at the scene before the man was able to ignite the fire. On learning that emergency services were en route, the man fled the scene.

The incident occurred late on Tuesday at a house in the centre of Dolores. Security sources report that the three children were on the top floor of the house while the man was dousing the ground floor in petrol. Relatives raised the alarm and called emergency services before the man made his escape.

Officers from the Local Police and Guardia Civil rushed to the address to secure the scene and ensure the safety of the children who were described as being “afraid, but in good physical condition”. The officers made safe the property and ventilated all the rooms to get rid of the fumes. Meanwhile, a team of officers searched Dolores throughout the night for the suspect who was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning when he presented himself at the Guardia Civil barracks.  Another man was also arrested for obstruction of justice and both are expected to appear in court today (Wednesday).