Woman arrested for prostituting 13 year old

A woman has been arrested, accused of attempting to arrange the prostitution of a minor –
her own 13 year old niece – at a coffee shop in Elche. Officers investigating the case are
currently looking in to whether the incident is linked to a wider sex trafficking network.
The woman was arrested on Thursday at a cafe in Elche and appeared in court on Friday
morning to make a statement before the judge.
The incident itself took place on February 10 th when officers received a call from an eyewitness
to the alleged incident. The witness called the National Police emergency number, 091,
following concerns about what was taking place in the cafe.
The witness told the officers that a woman was trying to convince three men in the
establishment “to accept the sexual favours of her 13-year- old niece.”
A unit was dispatched to the scene to intervene. When the officers arrived at the cafe and
entered the establishment, they observed three men sitting next to a woman and a younger
girl sitting on one of the tables.
The officers decided to transfer the woman and the girl to police headquarters and commence
an investigation by the Judicial Police of Elche National Police Station to find out what had
really happened inside the cafe.
Once the appropriate investigations were carried out and once all parties involved were
brought to make a statement, the necessary information was compiled verifying that the facts
as they were reported were indeed true. Investigators were given the go ahead to arrest the
girl's aunt for the crime of prostitution, sexual exploitation and corruption of minors.