Aunty Virus

George from San Luis asks:
Hi Aunty. I recently signed up for a fibre internet connection but I am now being told by the company that they won’t be installing the cables into our urbanisation until September. I simply cannot wait that long as my current ADSL is driving me mad because it is so slow. I was told by a friend that I should get a 4G router from Vodafone for about the same price as my current Movistar internet which is €30 a month and apparently this will be better. What is 4G and how is it different from fibre and ADSL.
Aunty Says:
Hi George. In a nutshell, 4G internet works exactly the same as the SIM card in your phone except the SIM card plugs into a special router with no wires. ADSL and fibre both need a cable running to your house. ADSL uses the slow and old fashion copper phone wire, whereas fibre is fast and uses a special type of rare glass only found in outer space. I have Vodafone 4G internet and it is fast, reliable and reasonably priced, but you will need a mobile phone contract to sign up. If you are already with Movistar then maybe speak with them as they offer a similar package.
Ken via email asks:
Good evening Aunty, I hope that you can help me. I am using Apache home office and a Canon Pixma printer. As you can see from the attached, whenever I print this sort of table, it spreads the lines into double spacing. Do you know how I can solve this?
Aunty Says:
Hello Ken. The example you sent looks OK to me but from your comments I am thinking it is to do with your character spacing or “kerning” as it is known. I am not sure how to modify this in OpenOffice but you’ll find a wonderful support community via a Google search. A quick fix might be changing font and see if this resets it.
Michael via email asks:
Hello Aunty, When I start my laptop it runs a repair for about 30 minutes and then Windows starts normally and seems to be OK. How do I stop this from doing this every time as it never finds anything wrong and it is a pain as I can’t use my laptop until it has finished.
Aunty Says:
Hi Michael. I suspect you may have a problem with your hard disk drive. Give Phil at eNET Computers a call on 687362844 and maybe book it in for a health check.
Well that’s all folks, email me your problems to and I will see what I can do.