Aunty Virus

Eric via email asks:
Dear aunty, I am running Kingsoft Office Premium 2019. I would like to be able to print my own sticky labels, but can not find out how to do this. I have looked in their help pages online, but can only find that you can download labels to print on, but I already have lots of my own labels of various size that I would like to use. I have also sent a email to them through “contact us button” but got no answer (very helpful ) can you help? Many thanks.
Aunty Says:
Hi Eric. I haven’t used Kingsoft programs before but I imagne it is similar to some of the other free Apps that are out there. In the free Open Office Writer that I use I select “labels” when I ceate a new document. I then choose the brand and size of the label paper I am using and I can then enter the details. In older apps the label printing is done through the “Mail Merge” option. It may be neccesary to go onto the label paper manafacturers website and download what is known as a “Printing Template”.

David via email asks:
Hello Aunry, I wonder if you can help please. I use Firefox (latest version) on Windows 10 (latest updates) and until recently, if I made a spelling mistake in either Hotmail or Gmail, the error was marked either in red or underscored (I can’t remember which). About three weeks ago this just stopped and I am sure that I didn’t make any changes that might have caused it. I looked in Firefox options and the checkbox to highlight errors is ticked and the language is set to English. I’ve tried Firefox help which wasn’t any help! Spellcheck in Office Word works as normal. I don’t know where to turn now as my fingers are slightly bigger than the keys on the keyboard and I do make the occasional mistake. Do you have any suggestions please?
Aunty Says:
Hello David. This could be a problem with the built in Firefox dictionary installation so go to and Install the English dictionary. If this doesn’t sort things out then maybe install another spellchecker add-on. Go to and type SPELL into the search box and you should get the option to download and install one.
Geoff via email asks:
Dear Aunty, In your last article you mention “free Malwarebytes”. I was advised to install the same and had a free period. When this expired I had to pay €39.99 to continue. Have I paid for something which is free?
Aunty Says:
Hi Geoff. You can have Malwarebytes for free but it is a slightly cut-down version and you will need to manually check your system rather than having the paid version do this automatically. I don’t think €39 is too much for such a great app and I would certainly pay for it if I wasn’t such a penny pincher.
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