Guardia Civil officers save life

The officer on duty at the front desk of the Guardia Civil barracks had a more interesting shift than usual recently, when he saved a man’s life. The officer saw a car arrive in front of the barracks at speed, just after midnight.
A man got out of the car, he appeared very nervous, and asked for help for his wife. The woman had serious breathing problems, to such an extent that, when she got out of the vehicle, she collapsed on the ground.
The front desk officer, along with two other officers who were on duty were immediately concerned and thought the woman showed evident symptoms of suffocation, and that her airway could be obstructed. The woman lost consciousness intermittently and vomited several times.
The three officers put their expert training to good use, practicing resuscitation and first aid on the woman until the Basic Life Support ambulance arrived. The woman was then transferred to the Vega Baja Hospital for full emergency treatment.
The officers were thanked for their swift action and he medical professionals said that 0if they had not carried out the first aid procedures the woman’s condition could have been life threatening. The woman, a Moroccan resident of Almoradi is believed to be 56 years old and is recovering from her ordeal.