Coronavirus outbreak in Santa Pola

Santa Pola is the first area in the Province of Alicante to record a coronavirus outbreak. The case has affected four people in the same family nucleus. However, for now, the health department considers the outbreak to be controlled.
According to reports, two people from this same family nucleus tested positive on Friday when they presented mild symptoms compatible with those of Covid-19. Infection was confirmed after undergoing the PCR test. During the tracking process another PCR test was carried out on the rest of the members of the family nucleus (which includes colleagues, close friends and carers for example), and last weekend two more cases were confirmed. At the moment the outbreak is continuing to be tracked between family and close contacts and the four people infected with mild symptoms are in quarantine. Meanwhile, the tracking team continues to look for the ‘footprints’ of the coronavirus to find the possible origin of the contagion.