Spain is officially the healthiest place to live

The world renowned medical journal “The Lancet” recently published the results of a ten year long survey on life expectancy and the effect environmental factors around the world are having on health.
The results show that Spain is most definitely the healthiest country to live in, in Europe and possibly the world. Life expectancy is 81.4 years compared to 79.9 years in the UK. Furthermore the general population have an average 70.9 years of healthy living compared to 68.6 years in the UK.

So what does Spain have that the rest of Europe doesn’t have?
Healthy Diet
The famous ‘Mediterranean diet’ is widely believed to be an important factor. The fruit and vegetables are fresher and cheaper which means that everyone can afford their 5-a-day. People of all walks of life eat more fish and shellfish, nuts, pulses and grains. Olive oil is used for cooking, dressings and replaces butter or margarine on toast in the morning. It is undoubtedly a much healthier option.

Warmer climate
Here is Spain we have average winter temperatures of 18 degrees and summer temperatures of 28 degrees. The days are brighter and longer. With an average 320 days of sunshine people spend more of their lives outside; whether it is an outdoor activity, socialising with friends, long walks or leisurely days at the beach. This is better for your health, heart and soul. Ex pats from all over the world report noticeable health improvements from the dry micro-climate. In conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, asthma and heart related problems.

World class healthcare
Spain has recently seen a notable decline in deaths from cardiovascular diseases and cancer. This has direct links with a change in public health policies based on screening and prevention. Which means that heart problems and cancer are discovered at an earlier stage, hence, treated earlier and less likely to terminal.

Less stress
It is a long standing joke that when it comes to getting things done the word “mañana” (tomorrow) is often used. Its a cliché but there is some truth in it, and the Spanish don’t take it personally. They find it very hard to understand why everything has to be done yesterday. The message here is “relax, don’t panic, it will get done eventually”!

Golf and sports facilities
The golf courses along the Costa Blanca are world renowned and you could literally play every day of the year. Sports facilities are great and there is now an outdoor gym on most street corners and parks. You can get fit on machines that don’t need electricity to make you sweat.

A ready supply of Vitamin D
If you have a healthy diet you will get all the vitamins and minerals you need in your daily consumption. Nevertheless, you can still be experiencing a drastic shortage of the vital vitamin D! It is found in oily fish e.g. salmon, mackerel, some dairy products, soy milk, eggs – but one of the main sources of this vitamin is sunshine!