Sharing box from Burger King

Burger King has launched a new Sharer Box, featuring chicken nuggets, chilli cheese bites, onions rings, dips and the return of the iconic Chicken fries.
The sharing box was announced alongside the return of Burger King’s famous Chicken Fries – basically a super long and crispy chicken nugget made from 100 percent breast meat that combines all of the best bits of a chip and a nugget. They also come in regular breading or a jalapeño breading, for all your spicy boys and girls.
The fast-food-hybrid-of-your-wildest-dreams was originally bumped from the menu at the beginning of the pandemic as Burger King tried to streamline its menu to help staff. Now they’re back across the UK and Europe – alongside the Halloumi King Burger and the Bacon King Burger – and it’s officially time to place your orders.
You can grab your Chicken Fries on their own or as a side to a cheeky Whopper, but it’s all about the sharing box – so let’s return to the more important item on the menu…
Basically, if your favourite dinner is a selection of beige foods from the freezer, prepare to meet your fast food match.
This brand spanking new menu item features all of your favourite finger foods – five chicken nuggets, five chilli cheese bites, five onion rings, five chicken fries and two dips. The only thing not included is chips, so don’t forget to order some on the side.
As the name suggests, the sharing box is marketed for two or more people – but with five (a particularly odd number) of every item inside you could share with more friends. Or even better eat it all to yourself and just share it with your stomach.