Beach cleaning group find 22 year old crisp bag

Eco Playa Alicante, a newly formed group of volunteers who collect rubbish from the beaches of Alicante, wanted to show “the irresponsibility of human beings” by showing one of their recent shocking findings.
Volunteers found a bag of crisps that was sold when the currency in Spain was still the peseta! The crisp bag, found in the rocky area of the Postiguet beach, cost 125 pesetas and is practically intact despite being at least 22 years old, which shows the impact that rubbish has on the ecosystem and, especially, the plastic that is thrown into the sea.
In an Instagram (@ecoplayaalicante) post, Eco Playa said that within five minutes, they had filled a bin liner with waste and plastic from the sea: “Flowerpots – Lollipop sticks – Glasses – Balloons – Wrappers – Bottles And even the remains of toys … We have to be more respectful with the ecosystem or in instead of bathing in the sea we will bathe in plastics” said the post.
Eco Playa Alicante is a newly formed group of volunteers and was keen to remind its followers that, according to the UN, only 9% of plastic in the world is recycled, and a large percentage of non-recycled plastic finally ends up in the sea.