Super Speed Camera unveiled

The DGT traffic authority this week unveiled its new super speed camera – the Trucam II. The new radar can issue automatic fines from a kilometre away! It is still in the testing phase, but once its effectiveness is verified, its use will be rolled out all over Spain.
The Trucam II employs state of the art laser technology to detect speedy motorists at a maximum range of between 1200 and 1500 metres. It boasts dynamic auto-focus, dynamic auto-iris, a large transflective LCD screen so it can see perfectly in bright sunlight, and a processor that’s ten times faster than the previous version.
All this state-of-the-art equipment means that the Trucam II radar can measure both the speed of moving vehicles and the speed of approaching cars (for example, those that speed on the approach to a camera and then slow down when the driver believes they are in range). Its margin of error is very low, 2 km/h, and it can register infractions by means of the photographs that it captures every 0.3 seconds. With Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, it sends images in real time to traffic police.