Local businesses join forces for safe corridor status

The Chamber of Commerce for Orihuea, Cámara, is supporting the local business community of Orihuela Costa and joined the call for the UK and Spanish governments to create safe corridors for foreign tourism. Camara met with business owners from across Orihuela Costa on Friday to offer its support to companies in this tourist area of the municipality and also in the rest of the Vega Baja, especially those run by British expats.
British expats are an integral part of the local business community and they were the first to raise their voices after Boris Johnson’s announcement to impose a 14-day quarantine on anyone arriving in the UK from Spain.
“All companies, not just from our area but from across our country, are affected by this measure, but today we wanted to be here together with owners and managers of British businesses because they feel the most upset and affected by the decision taken by London because they do not understand the reason for it,” said Pedro Mancebo, the first vice president of the Orihuela Chamber.
Pedrom Mancebo was accompanied by local businessman Raymond Kearney, who is one of the representatives in the plenary session of the service sector in Orihuela Costa. Around 20 other coastal businessmen attended the meeting, alongside members of associations that have shown their outrage at the imposition of the British quarantine.
“They feel very affected and do not understand why such drastic measures have been adopted when they have been extraordinarily scrupulous in applying all the safety and health protocols in their business activities,” said Pedro Mancebo. The business owners believe that decision has generated an unnecessary social alarm in the United Kingdom in respect to holidays and visits to Spain.
Pedro added: “The local data that Camara has confirms that the rate of infections is much lower here than in any area of the United Kingdom, so the measure imposed responds to other criteria and is not strictly based on medical or sanitary concerns.
“For this reason, Orihuela Chamber joins the petition of businessmen and administrations to negotiate the elimination of this quarantine, at least to allow for people to travel to places that can be considered safe, as is our case.”
The meeting agreed that there needs to be co-ordination between administrations, as well as assurance that all the necessary measures are taken to guarantee the safety of travellers. This can be done, for example, with the carrying out of tests and controls of entry and exit to the countries or destination areas .
“In this way we will guarantee that no person who may have COVID-19 leaves our country, but we will also guarantee that no one with the disease comes to our area on holiday,” he pointed out.
The Orihuela Chamber considers that such controls, as well as any other that may be agreed between the governments of Spain and the United Kingdom, should be put in place as soon as possible to prevent the pandemic from spreading further, whilst supporting the tourist economies.