Children’s playgrounds closed across Orihuela

The Department of Infrastructure of the City of Orihuela, responsible for the management and maintenance of playgrounds in the municipality, has closed all children’s playgrounds from 29th July. The decision has been taken as a temporary measure to protect children and parents from the risk of Coronavirus after it was seen that many people at local parks were not wearing masks or social distancing – despite people being made aware that they need to do both.
Parks were initially closed with the State of Alarm and reopened as part of the de-escalation process but it is now apparent that it is impossible to maintain and guarantee users safety. Ensuring that people are masked, keep a minimum of 1.5m distance and there isn’t an over capacity simply cannot be overseen.
A statement from the Department of Municiple Services says: “The latest known news of increased contagion by Covid19 in our area and the necessary restriction of community uses of elements in public facilities that may carry the risk of contagion, especially in highly vulnerable populations such as children, require caution and the adoption of this measure that from the Department and municipal services is expected to be lifted in the shortest possible time.”
Local residents are once again strongly reminded of the need to strictly comply with the hygienic-sanitary measures decreed by the authorities to avoid the risk of contagion before Covid19: wear a mask at all times, keep your distance from others, sanitiser or wash hands regularly.