Global health experts say no second lockdown for Spain

In direct contradiction to recent reports of a lockdown on 18th September, the Director of Public Health for the World Health Organisation, Maria Neira, has said that it does not believe that Spain will return to a general confinement. This is a conclusion that is supported by Fernando Simon, Head of Spain’s Centre of the Co-ordination Health Alerts and Emergencies.
Although in the midst of a global pandemic, you can never say never, expects agree that the decision to return to a lockdown situation would “have to be justified by a ‘very alarming’ epidemiological situation” and both believe that this can be avoided.
Whilst there has been an increase in cases, Maria Neria said that the circumstances that would require an another lockdown, do not exist in Spain. Currently all outbreaks are well controlled, there is no uncontrolled community transmission (a high number of infected of which the origin of the contagion is unknown.) There is also containmen;, none of the outbreaks are affecting an area large enough for experts to believe that a large territory is at risk. And finally, the third reason that a lockdown is not required is that currently and into the foreseeable future, the autonomous communities are implementing adequate measures to control and contain local outbreaks. Therefore, there is no requirement for national control tactics such as a total lockdown.