Pubic sanitiser dispensers for Orihuela

The City Council of Orihuela has purchased automatic hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers that will be placed in different points across the municipality. The Councillor for Emergencies, Víctor Valverde, demonstrated the hygienic-sanitary dispensers and explained that the devices have “SensoDrop” technology, and are automatic dispensers designed for indoor and outdoor locations and will be placed in areas with high foot-fall of people.
These systems have several advantages such as a considerable supply capacity, the dispensing of the product without contact or manipulation, the use of solar energy for its maintenance and a discreet design that does not aesthetically distort the environment.
The Department for Emergencies in coordination with the Department of Health revealed the need to acquire these devices to maintain a hygienic-sanitary control against Covid-19 in the town without the need to replace the product daily, saving on logistics, maintenance and technical staff.
In terms of the technical specifications of “SensoDrop”, its solar panel capable of charging the battery in about 6 hours, a 3000mAh battery with autonomy of 2 days, operation by infrared sensor, indicator light of empty tank, speaker for the reproduction of messages and high capacity of 2 25-liter bottles (equivalent to 20,000 doses of product).
Councillor Valverde said “we want to provide the public with all those means and utensils with which the contagion can be avoided, so we began to investigate the market for non-contact hydroalcholic gel devices that do not require human resources to replace them”.
The manager of the Oriolan company Galante Inversiones, which has patented “SensoDrop”, José Vicente Escudero, welcomed the positive reception of this project by the local government and explained that “this dispenser is intended for the general public, we are still developing the product where we will incorporate an APP that will reflect the number of times it is used or in what time slots, one percent of the benefits of this sustainable system will go to research against Covid-19”.
“These dispensers will be placed in spaces such as schools, institutes or public spaces with a high concentration of people to reinforce hygiene and health security in the municipality,” said the Councillor of Emergencies.