Pre-winter clean-up

The councillors for Road Cleaning and the Environment has explained that the two municipal areas have begun cleaning up debris including waste, plastics and scrub around Mount San Miguel and the various ravines of Orihuela, in order to prevent the rubbish being swept away and causing blockages or damage by the heavy rains that often occur in the winter months.
To carry out these works, the Department of the Environment has a brigade of 15 agricultural workers from employment promotion programs that together with personnel from the Department of Street Cleaning are removing all those items that could problems. The ravines are also being cleared of bushes that could hinder the flow of water or cause a dam-like effect and stop the water being released into the sea.
Work is also being carried out in the ravine beds near the neighbourhoods of San Isidro, Calle Castillo, Pocico Santiago, around the diocesan Seminary and Calle Arriba – Rincón Hernandino, as well as in the neighbourhood of San Antón.
Councillor Damaso Aparicio, explained that the Department of the Environment is commitment to the cleaning of the riverbed as well as ravines both in the mountains as well as the coastal area.
For these measures to last, citizen collaboration is essential. People must take their share of responsibility and look after these spaces by not dumping rubbish and unwanted items into the natural environment and suing the specialist containers provided by the government.

As part of the pre-winter clean-up and Councillor also announced that the cliffs at Aguamarina and the steep slopes of La Caleta in Cabo Roig will also be cleaned.
The works will consist of the removal of waste and plastics from the Microreserva Punta La Glea-Aguamarina and La Caleta beach. Due to the steepness of the areas and the difficult access to be able to carry out such work, a company specialising in rope access cleaning has been hired.
Once again the Councillor called on members of the local community to help keep these areas clean and tidy over the coming months.