Six year old left alone for days

National Police in Valencia this week arrested a couple, aged 25 and 26, for leaving their six year old home alone for several days. In a report issued by the Valencian Community Superior Police Headquarters, officers were first alerted on Wednesday evening at around 8.30pm when neighbours called to say there was a minor perched on the railing of a fourth floor balcony. Officers knocked on the door and could hear a television playing cartoons inside. The six year old reportedly first asked who was at the door, and when the police identified themselves, the child opened the door in his underwear and visibly scared. The child couldn’t clarify the number of days he had been at home alone.
Officers checked the premises and verified that there was no one in the house, which was in a mess and littered with food waste since the child had been heating up his own food.
The officers located the boy’s grandmother by telephone, who when she found out that he was alone at home became angry and said that it was not the first time something like this had happened. The woman immediately offered to take care of the child.
Later, the child’s parents appeared at the home, after a telephone call, and gave contradictory versions of what had taken place. Both were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime of child abandonment.
The police also located in two rooms of the house a large number of counterfeit items, mostly trainers, of various well-known brands. In addition to the alleged crime of abandonment of a minor, they are also charged with crimes against industrial property.
The defendants, both with police records, have appeared in court.