Health workers speak out

Workers in Torrevieja hospital have staged a protest in order to prompt the health department to break its silence. Workers are demanding that authorities from the department of health meet with workers’ representatives in order to discuss the future plans for the Torrevieja Health Department. Workers have requested to meet Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, at least four times so far and been met with silence. Staff at the hospital are desperate to discuss their future employment terms before the publicly owned, privately managed hospital reverts to an entirely publicly run entity later this year.
Workers will now stage a protest at the front doors of the hospital every Thursday until they get a response from the Ministry of Health. They said, “We are going to mobilize every Thursday, stopping for 5 minutes at the door of the hospital to demand communication with the Ministry of Health. We just want to be informed and to be part of the negotiation for the peace of mind of workers in this period of change.”
During the first gathering which took place on Thursday, a statement was read in which it was indicated that “The Department must decide on the termination or the concession contract of the Torrevieja University Hospital and the working conditions of the staff in the event that the department is assumed by the Ministry of Health.”
Health workers union, CSIF has also joined the protest and has stated that it will support the majority position of the workers.