Police raid illegal rave

Police in the north of the Alicante province broke up an illegal rave where over 100 people were found to have gathered to party without masks. The suspected organiser of the event is the son of the owner of the ‘venue’ – a barn on a farm in the area – with the farmer himself claiming no knowledge of the event.
The rave was called to a halt by police in the early hours of Sunday morning. According to officers, people had come from far and wide to attend the event, none of whom wore a mask as is required currently in Spain both outdoors and indoors.
The organiser is thought to have invited participants to attend through social media. The party stopped when four Guardia Civil squad cars alongside several units of the local police arrived to break up the event. When officers entered the barn, around 40 people were still inside but it is thought that many had already dispersed into nearby fields when it was clear the police were on the way. Reports afterwards suggest that the DJ was from Albacete and attendees came from as far away as Valencia, Almería, Madrid and Zamora.
After police stopped the party, officers stayed with some of the revellers for several hours as many had ingested alcohol and were in no condition to drive.