Orihuela not mobility friendly

PIOC, the local political party for Orihuela Costa is calling for the local government to make the coast more mobility friendly for young families, the elderly, frail and disabled.
President Peter Houghton said: “If anyone has tried to get around on foot whilst pushing a young child in a pushchair, using a wheelchair, mobility scooter, walking stick or crutches on the footpaths on Orihuela Costa, they will be in no doubt that their needs are neglected.
“A parent who tries to walk their child to school with a younger sibling in a pushchair is forced to take chances that risk their lives as most pavements are not wide enough for a parent to hold the hand of a young child never mind hold a child’s hand whilst pushing a buggy or pram.”
PIOC is concerned that parents are forced to walk in the road with their children, which is dangerous for them and frustrating for motorists who have to weave around them. There is also concern over, not just the width of the pavements, but the quality of them, many are broken, have patterns and grooves that can catch people shoes making them trip. Even where pavements are wider, little thought has been given to where access ramps are placed. Many pavements have obstructions such as junction boxes and missing manhole covers which make them difficult for pedestrians to negotiate, let alone a wheelchair or pushchair users. This means that people very often step into the road to get round the obstruction or just because to easier to walk on than the actual pavement.
Peter continued: “There seems to be no monitoring of hazards to pedestrians. Shrubs and bougainvillea overhanging garden walls can makes the pavement totally impassable at that point. Yet even worse, are the hazards that the Council or public bodies purposely insert into the pavements. How many pretty tree lined streets have had their width so reduced that it is impossible to get past them without walking in the road? Then there are wooden or concrete utility poles which are erected in the middle of the pavement causing havoc for the unsuspecting pedestrian. We need councillors to be more inclusive of everyone-s needs and to put the needs of the coast alongside those of the city.”