Discover Orihuela with guided tours

Mar Ezcurra, Councillor for Culture, has presented the new Cultural Routes program that will explore Orihuela in the coming months. Under the title “Discover Orihuela” the cultural guides of the city will inform and explain in detail the unique and special places in the municipality. Every Saturday at 11am a new, free cultural tour will begin. However, people are advised to register on 672 219 071 to guarantee a place, given the reduced capacity and security measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The routes organised for this season will go through the old town of Orihuela with its imposing churches and rich heritage, the main museums with their temporary exhibitions, the Orihuela Palm Grove and the popular neighbourhood of San Antón and the City Mill and the fruit groves by the river.
It also includes, during the month of October, routes that pay tribute to the poet Miguel Hernández on the anniversary of his birth. Visits will be made to his House Museum, the San Isidro Murals and the places related to his life and work.
“We intend to give life to our city while we make our cultural and heritage wealth known,” explained Mar Ezcurra, who encouraged people to enrol to discover the city.

New program of Cultural Routes:
• September 2: “Andalusian Legacy”
11: 00h. Museo de la Muralla
• September 19: “Gothic Orihuela”
11: 00h. Plaza de Santiago
• September 26: “Orihuela, a walk through its history”
11: 00h. Plaza de Ramón Sijé
• October 3: “Miguel Hernández. The shepherd poet”
11: 00h. Miguel Hernández Casa Museo
• October 10: “A mural, a poem”
11: 00h. Mural El Guernica. Barrio San Isidro
• October 17: “Miguel Hernández lives in Orihuela”
11: 00h. Plaza de Ramón Sijé
• October 24: “Miguel Hernández and El Palmeral”
11: 00h. Plaza de Miguel Hernández. San Antón
• October 31: “Tribute to Miguel Hernández”
11: 00h. Mural El Guernica. San Isidro neighbourhood
• November 7: “Art and passion”
11: 00h. Plaza de las Cadenas
• November 14: “San Antón and El Palmeral”
11: 00h. Plaza de Miguel Hernández. San Antón
• November 21: “The rebirth in Orihuela”
11: 00h. Santo Domingo
• November 28: “Water Route”
11: 00h. Plaza del Carmen