Guardia Civil locate ‘foot driver’ in prison

Guardia Civil had been searching for a man who had been seen in videos shared on social media driving with his feet. The recordings were supposedly made in the month of March in the north of Spain and have since been widely shared on Whatsapp and on various social media platforms.
The 31 year old Spanish man was tracked down to a prison in Cantabria.
In four separate videos, viewers can see a male driving a vehicle along the pavement in a town, at times driving in the opposite direction of the traffic flow and forcing other motorists to get out of his way to avoid collision. While driving, the man has his feet on the wheel rather than his hands and can also be seen lying down across the passenger seat with no seatbelt on.
The videos came to the attention of the Guardia Civil recently and so officers began to make efforts to locate the man. Investigations confirmed that traffic police had stopped a vehicle in mid March in the same area where the videos in question seem to have been recorded. A man, driving erratically, was stopped and refused to take a drug or alcohol test. He resisted arrest and injured an officer in the process. He has been in prison since his arrest.
When arrested, the detainee was wearing the same clothes and distinctive footwear that can be seen in the videos. At the time of his arrest, he was accompanied by another male, so it is now being investigated if the second man made the recordings and whether charges should be brought against him too.
Officers analysed the videos and deduced by the radio playing in the car that the recordings were made in March, in the evening time and on a weekend. The man was arrested on Friday March 13th so officers have not ruled out that the videos were made on the same day, prior to his arrest.