Drunk truck driver calls police to ask for arrest

A truck driver called the Guardia Civil to let them know that he was drunk at a motorway rest stop in La Rioja and that if they did not come to arrest him, he would get back into his truck and probably cause an accident. Guardia Civil reports indicate that the phonecall came at 8.30am on a weekday earlier this month. The driver claimed he had consumed a lot of alcohol and was headed for Bilbao in his truck if the police did not come to arrest him.
A squad car was immediately dispatched to the rest stop where officers found a 56 year old Spanish man, with an address in Barcelona, in an obvious state of intoxication, waiting inside his truck.
When the officers asked the driver what was wrong with him, he told them that he had drunk a lot of alcohol and that he had to be stopped before he caused an accident.
Once he had calmed down, the man told the officers he had decided to get drunk while driving the truck in order to get arrested and then sacked from the company he was working for. “I want a break, to collect unemployment pay and then retire.” He threatened to assault the officers if they did not arrest him.
After he spoke to the police, they administered a breathalyzer test and found him to be almost five times the maximum rate allowed for professional drivers.
A Guardia Civil spokesperson said, “He was drinking in the truck, but at least after calling us he had the sense to go to wait with his fellow drivers in the service area because he could have caused a serious accident.”
The two breathalyzer tests came in at 0.84 and 0.72 milligrams per litre in exhaled air. The crime of driving under the influence of alcohol with rates higher than 0.60 milligrams per litre is covered under article 379 of the Penal Code and can be punished with either a prison term of between three and six months, a hefty fine or community service of between 31 and 90 days as well as a driving ban in all cases.