Rafal 5k race and photography contest

The 7th Villa de Rafal race will this year become a time trial in order to comply with Covid-19 protocol. The event will allow a maximum of 300 runners to compete and each will be given a start time in advance in order to stagger the race and prevent overcrowding.
The event takes place on September 19th and will be first race in the area since the start of the pandemic.
The Sports Department of the town hall, alongside Rafal Running Club have developed a protocol to accommodate both runners, a maximum of 300, and people who want to watch the race. Spectators must wear a mask must comply with the safety distance among the rest of the spectators.
The Councillor for Sports, Gabriel Valero, explained that the event has been notified to Public Health “so the authorities are aware of how it will be carried out, as well as the protocol that has been designed to guarantee safety and security. It seems correct to them although they indicate to us the importance of the measures being complied with to the maximum, especially at the beginning and the end of the race, which is when the greatest concentration of people can be take place.”
Registration is open until today Tuesday, September 15, via the website asuspuestos.com. The race, 5 kilometers, will kick off on Saturday, September 19 at seven in the evening and runners will receive confirmation in advance, both by email and via Social Networks, their start times.
The starting point is on Calle José Antonio Morante Lico and the race ends at Rafal Sports Centre. Participants start two by two, with a space of 30 seconds between starts. “In the sports arena, the different areas have been established through which the participants will be able to pass, from the entrance, where their temperature will be taken and their hands will be disinfected until they leave at the end of the race,” said Valero.
The Councillor explained that the sports centre has been divided, with a collection area for numbers and a runner’s bag (which will include a reusable mask and will be given to all participants).
Along with the race, for the second consecutive year, the Rafal Running photography contest is being held through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Those who want to participate can do so until September 25th and with a maximum of three photos. The images must be uploaded to any of the three social networks adding the hashtag #VIICarreraPopularRafal tagging @RafalRunning. The winning photo gets a 50 euro cash prize and will be used on next year’s poster.