We’ve been eating McDonald’s fries the wrong way for years

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food chains across the globe – and even here in the Southern Costa Blanca its restaurants and Drive-Thru’s are prominent.
And on your next trip to the fast food chain, you are being warned not to eat your fries wrong. Yes, you see, apparently we have been eating our fries with ketchup wrong for years – and now we have learned the correct way.
Fries are a staple order for many Maccies fans, capable of filling out a meal to ensure you’re full. Alongside Big Macs and McFlurries and cheeseburgers, fries are the most commonly ordered food at branches of the fast food chain. So you would be forgiven for thinking we have been consuming them correctly. But not so fast.
You see, apparently, the flap on your McDonald’s fries carton – you know, the iconic red carton with the yellow ‘M’ on it – can be used to store your sauces. If you’re a ketchup fan, or maybe a BBQ sauce aficionado, this is an utter game-changer.
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“Did y’all know the flap on your fries box actually has a purpose?” he wrote on Twitter. This is where you can squirt you sauce for handy dipping.
“Order your chips without any salt because then we have to make a fresh batch of fries,” a fast food employee recently revealed, to give you the chance of the freshest fries.
“We also have to clean out the tray that the fries are stored in to make sure no salt gets on them.”