Jamie Oliver’s tip for cooking seasonal greens

With the weather cooling and autumn on the doorstep thoughts turn to more hearty meals packed with nutritious vegetables. But making cabbage, chard and spinach interesting can be tricky.
Luckily it’s Jamie Oliver to the rescue, as the celebrity chef has shared a very helpful cooking hack on his Instagram page – and everyone is trying it.
The father-of-five posted a vibrant photo of his green veg, writing: “Who’s making the most of their seasonal greens [heart emoji]. Cavolo nero, cabbage, Swiss chard and spinach are great wilted and dressed with a touch of lemon juice. What’s everyone cooking up tonight?”
So all we need to do is wilt the vegetables down in a pan and add some lemon juice!
Jamie’s followers also shared some of their own tips for using seasonal greens. One fan asked how to make kale less chewy in salads and another follower replied: “For salads, you have to massage it before use to tenderise. Or I sauté it with garlic and use it in my grilled cheese or frittatas.”
There was more advice, with a second follower adding: “You need to remove the leaves from the stalk. Hold the top and pull the leaves down toward the bottom. They come off easily. You may have tried to eat all of it!”
A third shared their recipe too, posting: “In fact, you should eat all of it! Just cut and chop the stalks and let them steam in a little butter with salt, maybe some turmeric and almond slices; keep stirring and, when they’re nearly ready, add the leaves – wilting occurs of its own accord. Never, never through those stalks away!”
And one fan revealed: “In Poland, we have amazing soup made of chard. It’s delicious and I’m making it tonight.”