Dramatic rescue of Alicante mother, imprisoned by her son

National Police are pictured here in the dramatic rescue of a woman in Alicante after she had been detained in her home by her own son.  It was the woman’s former partner – the father of the man arrested – who raised the alarm which led to the rescue unfolding.

Officers of the National Police arrested the 29-year-old man in Alicante, accused of locking himself and his mother in the family home, refusing to let her out. In the police operation that followed, several specialist teams from Alicante fire brigade worked together to free the woman through the balcony, using ladders in the rescue effort.

It was the mother’s ex-partner who made the call to emergency services, alerting police that his son was holding his ex-wife prisoner at home.

Almost immediately after the call came through, two teams from the National Police Operational Response Groups, from the Central and North Police Stations, arrived at the building to take charge of the situation, and once at the door, they heard woman’s cries for help. The police officers verified that the entrance door was completely barred, preventing their access.

Firefighters were then called in to try to access the fourth floor apartment, as when police officers tried to get in through the door the man threatened to throw himself through one of the windows of the apartment.

Fourteen firefighters worked together in two teams during the rescue.  One team mounted a ladder vehicle and lighting in an attempt to safely rescue the woman.  Meanwhile, the second team worked inside the building, using special tools to disable the barricade and access the apartment through the front door. The woman was lifted to safety on the basket of the fire engine, accompanied by two police officers. All the while, police negotiators were trying to convince the man to let his mother go and drop his threats to harm himself.

As police officers attempted to gained access to the apartment through the door, the man is alleged to have locked himself a room with a dangerous breed dog. Upon hearing the officers enter, the young man is said to have let the dog loose on the officers as he tried to reach a window, to throw himself out.  Two other police officers, who had just entered the apartment by the window managed to catch the man and detain him for his own safety.

With the help of the mother, the officers also managed to calm the dog and put a muzzle on it, proceeding to arrest the young man.  The man is accused of an alleged crime of mistreatment in the family (domestic violence) and has been remanded in custody.