Parents send positive children to school

The Public Health Department for the Province of Alicante has already detected the first cases in the province of irresponsible families who have sent their child to school, despite having a positive PCR test. This was confirmed recently by the director of Public Health for Alicante, Eduardo Alonso. In these cases, Alonso points out that the procedure to punish parents for this type of attitudes is very complex. The judicial system, said Alonso, “is a guarantee, we cannot rely on suspicions. You have to accumulate evidence, you have to collect the versions of all the parties, it is not something as simple to do as fining those who go without a mask, for example.

Skipping quarantine by having a positive PCR test is included as a ‘serious infraction’ in the decree law of the Consell, approved last July, which establishes the specific sanctioning against non-compliance with prevention measures against Covid. The penalties can range, in these cases from 601 euros to 30,000 euros.

“Schools must establish filters to detect anomalous situations and ensure that we are notified in the Public Health Department so that we can intervene,” said the head of the Department of Health. However, Alonso dismisses these situations as “extreme” and maintains that for the moment they are isolated cases.

Eduardo Alonso made these statements after the meeting held by staff from the health centres of the Department of the General Hospital of Alicante and Public Health with the Covid managers of each educational centre in the province. Regarding how these first days of school are going, Alonso was blunt in pointing out that things are not going well. “In the same way that in the general community there is a progressive increase in cases, this is reflected in the school environment.” In the two weeks of the new school year, there are already twelve nuclei of in isolation in the Alicante region. “It is neither a lot nor a little, but a sign that the problem is growing,” he added. Alonso called on the responsibility of parents to take extreme measures of protection against the virus when they are outside the classrooms. “No matter how rigorous we are in the educational centres, if the part of responsibility that corresponds to the families fails and they allow the children to gather in groups at the exit or entrance, we are spoiling the protective effect created in the school”.

Given the arrival of the flu, coughs and colds, the important thing is that no case escapes, “that any clinical concerns result in the necessary alarms and concludes with tests and isolation if appropriate.” To do this, the head of Public Health ensured the public that there are “enough trackers” and that the role of teachers is essential “to establish track and trace contacts.”