Cashback When You Need It Most with Liberty Seguros

We’re living in exceptional times and right now – more than ever – we all have a need to feel safe, secure and supported. It’s for this reason that LIBERTY SEGUROS is re-launching its cashback promotion. After all, tough times deserve little treats and just like always, LIBERTY SEGUROS is committed to supporting existing as well as new customers.


From now up until 23rd December 2020*, existing clients who take out a new car, home, life or funeral policy with LIBERTY SEGUROS will receive 60€ cashback per new policy. New clients will receive 30€ cashback on their first policy and 60€ per new policy thereafter.


Whilst this offer is not available for renewals or replacements, there’s no limit on the number of new policies that can be taken out per customer – and therefore, no limit on cashback rewards.


Committed to always being right by your side, LIBERTY SEGUROS reiterates that it is here to make things a little easier for you and your loved ones. It offers peace of mind with its range of products that care for both your family and your assets, and it provides all the necessary tools to make you feel safe and secure–both with policies to ensure you have everything in order, as well as unparalleled assistance and support if the unexpected happens.


The advantages of placing your trust in LIBERTY SEGUROS are extensive. From the use of a courtesy car for 35 days in the case of theft, accident, fire or mechanical breakdown with its motor policies, to garden reconstruction and garden furniturereplacement with itshome insurance(amongst others),it’s not hard to understand why LIBERTY SEGUROS has become in the preferred expat insurer in Spain with over 175,000 expat clients.


What’s more, its extensive network of more than 300 brokers and agents are available to provide friendly and expert advice that’s tailored to you. Speaking your language, the LIBERTY SEGUROS team helps you to find the cover that will be perfect for you and your needs.


Understanding that now, more than ever, there is a real need for you to feel safe and secure, LIBERTY SEGUROS remains on-hand to keep you informed with clear and transparent information regardingits products and services.It has a dedicated Expatriates Team that can be reached by calling 91 342 25 49. Alternatively, the location of your nearest agent/broker and detailed information on its products can be foundat:



* Conditions and minimum premiums will be applied.