Fugitive arrested for murder in Murcia

National Police in Murcia have arrested a man who is wanted for murder.  As well as the murder charge, the man had further warrants out for his arrest for drug trafficking and counterfeiting.

The arrest was described by police as “a quick and efficient operation” in which 14 officers collaborated to successfully arrest the man.

Back in 2008, the man was believed to be the head of a criminal organization which specialized in drug trafficking in Alicante and Murcia.

The 39-year-old was on the run from justice for various crimes committed between 2008 and 2015.  In the end, a joint police operation between several different departments culminated with the location and arrest of the man in Ceutí (Murcia).

The fugitive had a number warrants out for his arrest – he was wanted by the Alicante Provincial Court for a crime of intentional homicide and for a crime against public health. In addition, a Swedish court had also ordered his location and arrest, in this case for his participation in counterfeiting currency.

The search operation began a year ago, in September 2019.  Detectives began to follow the trail of the man, who has a long criminal history in the Levante area where it is believed he began his criminal career in 1999 with petty crime.

Later he progressed to crimes against public health and money laundering, until in 2008 he led a criminal organization based mainly in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia dedicated to acquiring large quantities of narcotic substances and then reselling to smaller buyers.

Police say the fugitive then specialized in the acquisition and subsequent sale and circulation of counterfeit 50 and 100 euro banknotes, with the province of Alicante being his main headquarters once more.

His known criminal history continued in 2015 when, after an argument at a nightclub, he threatened the doormen with a firearm after they refused him entry to the establishment, and then later stabbed one of them with a knife. For this incident, he was arrested in Alcoy two weeks later by the National Police.

Six unmarked vehicles and 14 officers participated on Thursday morning in the search, location and arrest of the fugitive. After his arrest, he was transferred to the National Police Headquarters of Murcia and has appeared in court.