Mobile phone use still top driving distraction

The DGT has released the latest data for fines issued during the latest campaign. The latest surveillance campaign, carried out between September 14th and 20th, shows that the use of mobile phones while driving is on the increase.

The campaign figures give an overview of ‘distraction’ offences by drivers with mobile phone use still top of the list.  In total, the DGT carried out checks on 355,763 vehicles with over 5,000 drivers issued fines or cautions for actions deemed to be a distraction while driving.

The most common were these:

  • Manual use of a mobile phone (2873). The DGT were keen to remind motorists that use of a mobile phone while driving can be comparable to driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Vehicle occupants buckling up while driving, when they realize they are being watched from the air. 484 were caught for this offence.
  • Use of headphones connected to sound reproducing devices, other than mobile phones, 392 drivers caught.
  • Use or manipulation of browsers, internet access screens, video or DVD players while driving – 65 motorists caught.
  • In addition to these specific distractions, traffic officers filed 1,395 miscellaneous distraction complaints for other offenses: putting on makeup, putting paperwork in order, etc.

In addition, 546 drivers who were caught distracted while driving were also caught for driving with alcohol levels higher than allowed or for testing positive for drugs.