Drug gang and violent addicts arrested in Torrevieja

Guardia Civil arrested 14 people in Torrevieja as alleged perpetrators of 12 charges of theft, two robberies with violence, three robberies with force, a crime against public health and a crime of belonging to a criminal group and for allegedly stealing bags in order to buy drugs.
The arrests focused on two groups – the drug dealers who used violence and intimidation to ensure addicts’ debts were paid, and the addicts themselves who resorted to petty theft to pay for their supply.
The investigation began almost a year ago when investigators focused their inquiries on a family group believed to be involved in the ‘retail’ sale of drugs in Torrevievja. Throughout the surveillance period, officers verified that the family of dealers, and their accomplices were “extremely” violent with those who built up any debts with them for drugs.
More than one “client” was injured as a result of the a beating or was threatened with a large knife if the debt was not cleared within the stipulated time.
During a series of raids related to the investigation, officers seized 181 grams of marijuana, 200 grams of hashish, 1.5 grams of cocaine, three vehicles and 540 euro in cash.
In addition, 22 mobile phones, two laptops, three tablets, a music system, two video game consoles, a simulated BB gun, two televisions and a bicycle valued at more than 5,000 euros were found.
All the detainees, four of them members of the same family, were arrested and remanded in custody, except for one which was a minor.
Due to the large number of items seized during the raids, officers suspected that they were dealing with stolen goods, so a second phase of the operation was initiated to locate the rightful owners of the seized items.
It was then that officers realized that they were dealing with a second group of suspects, a group of drug addicts, who did not hesitate to use violence to steal things in order to pay for the drugs they bought from the first criminal group.
According to police reports, the drug addicts did not hesitate to steal bags and belongings either by snatching them, or simply creating an absurd distraction to confuse their victims and rob them. In the event that they were confronted or challenged by the victim, they did not hesitate to use knives to frighten them, even going so far as to stab one of the victims in the abdominal area on one occasion.
As the second phase of the investigation drew to a close at the end of September, nearly all of the stolen objects had been returned to their owners.