Squatters beware

A local community of owners in Los Altos has set a legal precedent after speedily evicting squatters. Orihuela court ordered the eviction of the illegal tenants after the collective group of owners requested their removal, and the process was completed in less than a month.
Usually, there is a long-winded process in Spain to remove squatters as there are usually human rights involved. In this case, the legal process was feared to be even more complicated as the property had no ‘responsible owner’ and neighbours were concerned that the law would be unable to move quickly.
However, a speedy decision was made specifically in order to avoid the legal vaccum that occurs with a lack of ownership. The owner of the property had died and no family members have been found or come forward. Taking matter in to heir own hands and hopefully of getting the situation brought to a satisfactory close, the community of owners denounced the squatters themselves, resulting in the case reaching judicial resolution within weeks.
The couple who had taken up illegal residence in the house were called to court and claimed that they had a legal rental contract, but this was actually found to be fraudulent. In response, the court took the precautionary measure to give them notice to leave before the police got involved in the situation.
The neighbours had argued that having squatters had harmed the reputation of the area, and viewpoint upheld by the court. This court ruling constitutes a new legal trend that can now be extended to any number of similar cases.
The lawyer acting on behalf of the local residents said: “This ruling is of a social significance, leaving the door open for other affected people and communities to recover their property quickly.”