Ask the Mayor

Do you live in Torrevieja? Do you have a question about the town? Perhaps you have a great idea, or are concerned about something, or you need to find out how you go about a certain administrative process? The Costa Blanca People has established a new link with the town hall in order to ensure that all citizens’ questions are passed directly to the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón.
We have had a huge response and the Mayor’s office is working through all the questions received to date by email and Facebook. Below are some answers to reader questions with more to follow in next week’s edition.

Debbie Joslin asks the Mayor: “I understand that the Spanish Government will recognise that I live in Spain if I can obtain an NIE and Padron before the end of this year and will then extend my getting residency until June 2021? The earliest I can get an appointment before 12th January 2021. How will this affect my status? Many thanks.”

The Mayor replies, “For the British, the Brexit agreements give until December 31 to regularize their situation, those who already have the EU certificate (green paper and green card) remain valid until further notice, for those who want to apply for residence for the first time, I advise you to request it now. However, we can at your disposal the Department of International Residents (Plaza Capdepont S / N) so they can help you.
Thank you, Regards.”

Janie Street asks the Mayor: “I was wondering if you could enlighten me as to why some areas of Torrevieja is allowed to have live music and others aren’t? A reply would be much appreciated. I have messaged Gitte Lund Thomsen the councillor for expats and have had no acknowledgement! I understand the problem with Covid, but it seems totally unfair that some people are doing it and others aren’t? If we are all in the Valencian Generalitat. Regards.”

The Mayor replies, “Janie, we are working on a new ordinance that allows live music, the one we currently have does not allow anywhere in town. Thank you. Regards.”

Simon asks the Mayor, “I would like to know why the padron process has become so complicated that even solicitors are having trouble getting it right. Surely it is in the interest of Torrevieja to have as many people on padron as possible to receive funds from the central government.
There are no appointments available and at the padron office we were told they only do 5 padrons a day. What are they doing with the rest of their time considering a padron takes maximun 10-15 minutes to process.

Would it not be better to get a number instead in the morning like the old days or increase the amount of appointments available to book online?
Doing it electronically is a struggle, especially for foreigners considering language barriers etcetera.”

The Mayor replies, “The implementation of Electronic Administration was necessary because it is a city with a large population, we are aware of the problems that arise and the difficulties that appear when carrying out procedures, but I am convinced that in the near future, all these changes will improve services and facilitate procedures. However, at the moment appointments are being provided for urgent cases that absolutely need registration or certificates. For any emergency, do not hesitate to contact the Department of International Residents located in Plaza Capdepont S / N and we will assist you. Thank you. Regards.”

Paul Hewitt asks the Mayor, “As President of an Urbanisation on Altos del Limonar, please would you ask the Mayor: When are the Policia/Guardia going to stop the botellon held nightly at the petanque courts at c. Effren Gutierrez Mateo. Cars are being parked in the urb. to avoid main street parking/notice. Noise regularly until 4am and later ! Gatherings of up to 20+ all without masks/social distancing. The pictures are mild compared to other nights, with smashed vodka bottles etc.”

The Mayor replies, “Local Police and Guardia Civil work together to eradicate the botellones from the city, an invaluable help would be, when you witness it, that you call the telephones enabled for this purpose, both the police and the civil guard, in order that the patrol could go there precise moment to be able to denounce the referred facts.
The best telephone numbers to contact are Local Police: 092 or 965705326 Guardia Civil: 062 or 965710113/965710190.”

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