Woman wants €10k from gay ex

A woman is demanding a sum of 10,000 euro from her ex-husband, claiming he hid his homosexuality from her. A court in Valencia is currently looking into the lawsuit filed by a woman against her ex-husband in which she demands the annulment of her marriage and financial compensation, considering that the man “deliberately” hid from her that he was homosexual. The man in question considers himself bisexual and expressed his regret that these situations that “penalize and criminalize sexual orientations” still exist in Spain. He has demanded a change in civil legislation to ensure that this does not happen again.
The case began when the plaintiff decided to initiate a civil case to obtain the annulment of her marriage and compensation of 10,000 euros from her ex-husband, from whom she has been divorced for ten years. According to the lawsuit cited by El País, the woman made the decision after two mutual friends assured her that they had known about the man’s alleged homosexuality since childhood and that he had already had a relationship with a man in his youth. The plaintiff added that had she known the man was gay, she would not have consented to marry him and believes that he concealed his sexual orientation from her “deliberately”.
The man however claims he married “totally for love”, that he has had a “full” heterosexual life and that, despite belonging to a generation “that has had no references”, he has since been able to develop a “fluid sexuality”. He hopes that by making his case visible, he will encourage political groups to promote a legislative initiative that modifies article 73 of the Civil Code, regarding sexuality.
According to the man’s lawyer Javier Molpeceres, the change must begin with an in-depth study of the current law, since where the Civil Code establishes the reasons to annul a marriage, homosexuality appears in a list next to pathologies.
The man at the centre of the case says, “People do not have to be judged for their sexual orientation,” adding that if someone has had to pretend in this country (which has not been the case for him he claims) it is because there is “social and religious pressure and discriminatory legislation.”