Nine detained for prostituting minors in Alicante

The National Police are looking for the head of a gang that induced young teens to escape from a sheltered facility in order to lure them into a world of drugs and prostitution.
National Police in Alicante have uncovered a child exploitation ring in which youngsters aged 15 and 16 were allegedly induced to escape from a sheltered housing facility to work as prostitutes.
The investigation was carried out by the Family and Women’s Unit (UFAM) of the National Police in which nine people were detained, including four minors – one male and three female.
Police are still seeking the suspected leader of the organisation. The suspect, a young man, is the son of the elderly owner of an apartment in the centre of Alicante where minors were allegedly groomed for abuse.
The 70 year old father and his daughter were also brought in for questioning but both were released after giving statements. Both denied any involvement in the underage abuse ring.

The police investigation began after those in charge of a living shelter for minors in Alicante raised the alarm after discovering what happened to a young woman after she had escaped.

Investigators found out that there were two underage girls who tried to convince other teenagers to escape from centre and go to an address in Alicante. There, the minors were made up and dressed in such a way that made them look older. Once the minors had been dressed, they were brought to an apartment in the centre of Alicante, where the young man currently being sought by the police managed contact with clients and sent the young teenagers to work at hotels and other locations in the city.

For the transfers, one of those arrested acted as chauffeur and using a high end car, ferried the youngsters to clients. This person allegedly took one of the minors to a villa in Benij√≥far, where he gave her drugs and had sex with her in exchange for money, according to the young woman’s statement.

The adults arrested have been accused of a variety of crimes, such as the corruption of minors to promote or facilitate prostitution, induction to run away from home, sexual abuse of children under 16 years of age, belonging to a criminal group and for encouraging the consumption of drugs by minors.