Police scam warning

The National Police are warning people that scammers are taking advantage of the Covid-19 situation by pretending to be utility inspectors. There have been cases reported across the local area and so people need to be on their guard.
In this scam the criminal claims to be an electric, gas or water technician. After making a pretend check, they claim there needs to be changes made to the service that will require a payment of between 400 and 500 euros in cash or by card.
The scammer simply pockets the cash and moves on to the next victim or carries a dataphone where he views the PIN on the bankcard, after which he leaves the property to go to the nearest ATM to withdraw as much money as is possible.
The authorities recommend that homeowners do not open the door to strangers and that they do not believe anyone at their front door is who they claim to be. If the representative is a true employee of that company they will carry official identification and you should not give them access to your home without verifying their credibility. If the document or identity card looks suspicious, then phone the company directly to double check. In addition, bank card or account numbers should not be provided under any circumstances. The company will have your details on record and you can go to the official office to complete any business. Be aware that if the scammer gets your bank details they can be used and sold on to other scammers.
Police advise that you check the validity of any caller to your door by calling the Customer Service department of the organisation or company in question, so that they can provide the information for the person and also check exactly what is to be done and why. The advice is also for people to fit a security slide chain to the door and a peep hole. Always keep doors closed even in the heat of summer, unless you have a locked door grill in place.
If you have been the victim of the scam of any type, the National Police want to hear from you on 091 as soon as possible.
During the month of November, the National Police has dismantled several economic fraud schemes in the province through its Provincial Delegation of Citizen Participation.