With LIBERTY SEGUROS you can have the home insurance that meets your needs!

LIBERTY SEGUROS has adapted its Home Insurance plans to provide solutions that best suit your individual requirements. Understanding that every customer’s needs are unique, it has created additional coverages to allow you to enhance and complement your home insurance cover. Regardless of the plan you choose, you can now add Optional Packs to your home insurance to ensure your plan is perfectly tailored to you.

For example, if you own a second home and are concerned about being an ideal target for squatters, LIBERTY SEGUROS offers a complete legal defence guarantee, covering up to 6.100€ in legal costs for Illegal Occupation proceedings.

Owning a rental property has additional worries,such as tenant vandalism that can lead to complex and expensive legal proceedings. For this reason, LIBERTY SEGUROS offers a guaranty of up to 3.000€ to cover acts of vandalism by the tenant. This allows landlords peace of mind to enjoy profitable rental incomes without added worries.

LIBERTY SEGUROS also knows how much gardens and terraces mean to homeowners. For this reason, it offers cover for garden furniture of 12.000€ to help protect treasured outdoor spaces.

Homeowners might have other worries too, such as drip irrigation systems. Again, with LIBERTY SEGUROS policy holders can have cover up to 500€ for burst or broken pipes to help with repairs.

Goods in storage rooms can also be insured up to 3.000€; and jewellery left outside of a safe can be covered up to 10.000€. What’s more, individual jewellery pieces worth up to 6.000€ do not need to be itemised in the policy, and policy holders can increase their money in cash cover at home too.

It’s also worth noting that LIBERTY SEGUROS’s new home appliance repair cover includes 2 services per year up to 300€– including parts. The maintenance of air-conditioning filters is also covered to includefilter cleaning twice a year. In this manner, the units can continue to work just as they should, at the same time as helping occupantsto avoid the health issues associated with their usage.

And that’s not all! As another example, refrigerated goods (which are not usually covered in the case of tripped fuses) are included in home policies with LIBERTY SEGUROS, offering 150€ towards lost food and medicines. This comes as standard.

LIBERTY SEGUROS really does have you covered and always has your real needs in mind!

Furthermore, you can also take out additional covers such as a Civil Liability extension and non-payment of rents; or Mandatory Civil Liability for hunters, Civil Liability for potentially dangerous dogs, cover for vehicles kept in a garage…amongst others.

And, as always, 24/7 emergency home assistance through a multi-lingual freephone number.

What’s more, if you are a new Liberty Seguros client and take out a Home, Car, Life or Funeral policy now, you will receive 30€ Cashback on your first policy and 60€ from the second policy onwards, or 60€ Cashback on each new policy if you are already a customer. Great cover, great Cashback!

For more information, simply call or visit one of the more than 300 LIBERTY SEGUROS qualified brokers and agents. They are available to provide friendly and expert advice about the best coverages and options to suit your specific needs.

Speaking in your language, the LIBERTY SEGUROS team can help you to find the cover that will be perfect for you. Visit libertyexpatriates.es to find the name and details of your nearest agent!