Man slashes wife’s face, neck and arms with a blade

National Police made the arrest in Alicante

A man was arrested this morning (Wednesday) in Alicante for allegedly attacking his partner with a blade in an apparent attempt to deliberately disfigure her, according to police sources.

The victim has been hospitalized with deep cuts to her face, arms and neck but reports now indicate that she is out of danger.

The arrest was made around 8:45 this morning by the National Police in Alicante. The alleged aggressor is a 44-year-old male of Moroccan nationality. The victim, to whom he is married, is a 32-year-old Moroccan national.  She sustained a series of deep cuts, believed to be caused by a razor blade, to her face, hands and neck.

The woman was given first aid by officers at the scene and later transferred to Alicante General Hospital where she remains in a stable condition.

The suspect was apprehended shortly after the alleged attack on a street near his home. He was placed under arrest transferred Alicante Provincial Police Station for questioning.

A full investigation is underway, but it is understood that police suspect the attack was motivated by the intention of the woman to leave her husband.

Today, 25th November, marks International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.