Selection boxes with a difference…

Cadbury chocolate selection boxes are as much a part of Christmas as falling asleep in front of the Queen’s speech and trying and failing to crack nuts. However, Cadbury has just announced that it’s making a change to all of its selection boxes this year. Before you panic, fear not, because the change it not going to alter that most sacred of Chrstmas traditions or alter the taste of that delicious choccy.
In fact, it’s all to do with the packaging and we think it’s a fantastic move. Cadbury is removing every plastic tray from its range of selection boxes, which is great news for the environment. This means that around 33 tonnes of plastic will be saved over the course of December. The removal of plastic from its products is part of Cadbury’s ‘Pack Light Pack Right’ initiative, which will see cardboard trays being used instead of plastic ones.
Louise Stigant, UK Managing Director, Mondelēz International (which now owns Cadbury), said: “Reducing the amount of packaging we put into the world, and making it easier for consumers to recycle our products, is vitally important to us.
“The steps we are taking on our adult selection boxes, which follow the recent packaging reduction on our Cadbury large share bags, is an example of the varied approaches we are taking to tackle the shared problem of packaging waste.”
Let’s hope other food and drink brands will follow Cadbury’s lead and help eliminate even more plastic