No go on Orihuela budget

The Popular Party has not been able to implement its 2020 budget plan after its governmental partner, Ciudadanos, voted against as did the opposition parties of PSOE, Cambiemos and Vox. Therefore, the only favourable votes for the budget came from the conservatives, and were not enough to get the budget agreed in the extraordinary plenary session that was held last week.
The spokesman for Ciudadanos, José Aix, who has not ruled out supporting future budgets for 2021, detailed during the session the reasons why his group, which forms a government coalition with the Popular Party, decided to reject the budget for the current fiscal year.
PSOE announced that they reached out to the PP and showed their intention to approve the accounts if their amendments had been included, but since they were not, they also voted against the budgets in the council meeting. Its spokesperson, Carolina Gracia, attacked Ciudadanos, for setting aside its partner in this matter, and announced that PSE is still willing to reach out again to the PP so that it can take forward the budgets for 2021, “provided they focus on recovering people and the productive fabric.”
During the meeting, the Councillor for the Treasury, Rafael Almagro, announced that in February he will fully carry out the 2021 budgets to which the government team is already working and, knowing that those for 2020 would not be approved, defended his proposal in plenary session.
Cambiemos said it voted against the 2020 budgets, as it considered them harmful to the municipality. According to the party spokesman, Carlos BernabĂ©, the accounts were “socially useless, environmentally irresponsible, without equality policies and with inflated spending on advertising, parties and on protocol.”