Torrevieja salt crew back to work

Torrevieja’s salt workers are due to come off the ‘ERTE’ and start back to work. The harvesting of the salt is not directly impacted by the health crisis, but the salt mine has, since late 2016, been hit with large volumes of fresh water entering the salt lake system. The fresh water has significantly lowered the salt mine’s annual production output. Storm defences installed over recent years to protect urban areas from flooding meant more fresh water flowing into the lake and each deluge added to the last to cause an imbalance in the salinity of the water. Rain from the DANA in 2019 and Storm Gloria earlier this year added two metres of fresh water to the lake surface, which in turn delayed the salt crystallization process by more than two and a half months. The deeper water also meant that the harvesting equipment could not be used effectively. Now however, the ‘salineros’ can get back to work and harvest Torrevieja’s most famous export.