Five arrested for kidnapping man to force his brother to cut cocaine

In scenes reminiscent of the hit TV series Breaking Bad, it has emerged that a drug trafficking gang based out of Alicante and Murica kidnapped a man in order to force his brother to cut drugs for them.
The now disbanded criminal organization operated in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia and, allegedly, was engaged in the trafficking of cocaine, hashish and anabolics for sale and distribution in Spain and Sweden.
National Police made five arrests during the investigation which was following the movements of a gang allegedly involved in arms and drug trafficking as well as the sale of encrypted mobile phone terminals. Those arrested, one Spaniard and four Swedes between the ages of 29 and 44, even kidnapped the brother of a specialist drug ‘chemist’ to force him to “cook” and cut cocaine in order that the gang would make more profit. The investigation, which began in July 2019 by the National Police, involved the collaboration of the Swedish Police.
The operation began when officers in Spain learned that the head of a Swedish criminal gang – arrested in Torrevieja in 2012 – was back in the drug trafficking business. At the time of his arrest eight years ago, the then 30 year old was one of the 30 most wanted fugitives by INTERPOL and had been in hiding in the Alicante area since 2005.
Spanish police heard the man was back in business and suspected he might have been trafficking cocaine, hash and anabolics in Spain and Sweden. Furthermore, this time his gang had also added arms trafficking to its repertoire.
The operation came to a climax last week when the Spanish drug squad, alongside Swedish Police, carried out a series of raids and arrested five gang members.
Officers seized half a kilo of cocaine, 200 grams of hashish, 32 cans and 200 pills of anabolics, a semiautomatic shotgun, two pistols, a silencer, 140 cartridges, 8 encrypted telephones and 100 mobile cards for the use of these phones. The agents also found several weapons hidden in a vehicle that the gang appeared to use solely for storage.