Tutu trek

Three friends decided recently, over a beer (or two), to try and raise some money for charity. The three – Mark, Michael and Phil – decided to climb a mountain dressed in tutus. Mark explained, “The outfit choice was decided by our friends, family and fabulous customers (from both Casa Mia and Carmen’s) via a Facebook poll. Tutu was by far the favourite choice!”

The Callosa mountain, at 518 metres high, took the trio a total of three and a quarter hours to climb before enjoying a picnic lunch at the summit before descending.

“Fortunately there were no injuries or mishaps!” said Mark, “Each of us feel very passionate for the charity we individually chose. I chose Combat Stress as the charity does so much for veterans who are suffering with PTSD and other mental health issues and I am a veteran, retired from the British Army after a 26 year career. Michael chose Little Pod Association as he is a very big animal lover and this particular charity is struggling at the moment. Phil chose the Jose San Obrero Orphanage as he knows how much the children appreciate all the help and extra support that they receive via the generous donations raised by everyone. We raised a total of €3018, €1006 for each charity. We were overwhelmed.”