Orihuela Costa residents horrified at rat infestation

Rubbish lying in the streets of Orihuela Costa is an on-going one of contention between local residents and the Town Hall. However, that battle has increased after a pile of rubbish in Villapiedra attracted a plague of rats. The rats run freely in the streets and have even entered homes and chewed through fibre optic cables.
“The garbage and belongings accumulated on the street have been there for more than a month,” says Antonio Cerdán, from CLARO, who alongside local residents recently denounced the situation which is also affecting three surrounding urbanisations – Cabo Sol, San José and Lomas de Cabo Roig – where there were also insect infestations.
CLARO explained that although all residents have been affected by the rats, some have suffered more than others. Leslie and Phil have had to renovate the entire fibre optic provision in their home after the rats destroyed it by gnawing on all the cables. Maureen Mooney, vice president of the neighbourhood association of “Lomas de Cabo Roig” complained about the lack of cleanliness and sanitation, although in recent days, at least, the City Council has finally removed the prunings that had accumulated in the park after two months. The complaint of the neighbours have now reached the ears of the Councillor for Health, José Galiano, who announced that he will meet with them to tackle the problem and make the arrangements to carry out the extermination of the annoying plague.