Elche mother arrested as two year old locked outside

A woman has been arrested in Elche after her two-year-old son was found alone outside, wet and under a beach umbrella. The boy was found in his pyjamas, huddled under a parasol on a dog bed, soaked by the recent rain and his own urine.
Local Police in Elche arrested the woman for alleged abandonment of a minor after finding her two-year-old son locked outside on the patio in the rain. The incident occurred on November 27th at around midday when neighbours reported hearing a child crying for around an hour. Local police went to the address and heard cries coming from the ‘patio de luces’, an internal courtyard or galleria at the property. With the help of a neighbour, officers used a ladder to look over the wall and saw a young child of around two years old, huddled under a beach umbrella sitting on a dog bed. The child was soaking wet from the recent rain and had also wet himself.
Officers said that the child was “clearly nervous and trembling” due to the cold, so one of the officers entered the yard to help him. Due to the child’s age, it was not possible for him to explain to police how he got there and how long he had been outside. The police officer lifted the child over the wall to his fellow officers to be cared for while he tried to access the house to establish what had happened, the fear that the adult responsible for the child had become incapacitated. However, all the doors and windows were closed. Eventually, the officer saw through one of the exterior windows that there was a 17 year old boy asleep inside the house. When officers managed to wake the boy, the child’s brother, he said that he was not aware that the toddler had been crying, that he did not know the whereabouts of his mother, and had assumed that his father would be at home working. Officers also found that the access door to the patio was barred with furniture and the windows were closed from the inside.
While the police were trying to establish the whereabouts of the parents of the two minors, the mother arrived home with another child. The woman, who explained that she had gone to the dentist and did not know what had happened in her absence, was arrested for the crime of abandonment of minors.
The child was transferred to a health centre for a medical evaluation, which determined that he was in good health and was later transferred to the Provincial Care Home while his siblings were left in the care of their grandparents.