Spain goes crazy for Lidl black dress

Every woman needs a little black dress in her winter wardrobe, but a Lidl black dress? The women of Spain have gone crazy for Lidl’s latest fashion offering with the sparkling black party dress sold out across the country. The party dress sold out in all sizes in a matter of hours and priced at just €11.99, it is any wonder?
Since its sell out coloured trainers hit stores briefly in October before being snapped up in less than three hours, Lidl has been making its mark in the fashion world. The surprising success saw the Lidl branded footwear (coloured in the corporate colours of the supermarket chain, blue yellow and red, and with the company logo on the tongue of the shoe) sell out in record time only to appear on resale sites at vastly inflated prices. The RRP was €19.99 but pairs were swapping hands for up to €200 online.
It seems the German budget supermarket has done it again with a short hemmed, long sleeved, sequinned sweater dress that costs less than a nice lunch. And, although the dress has not appeared on selling platforms such as Ebay or Wallapop, at least for the moment, buyers will have to search several Lidl stores to find one.
The fine knit dress is out of stock on the Lidl website in all sizes. Fashion buyers at Lidl have not commented on possible reruns of the garment, so if you want to get yours, you will have to put in the work to find it.